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In 2011, the development project of the gardens was carried out, and in September 2014 Martainville castle’s rediscovered garden was inaugurated to the greatest delight of garden lovers.

Its design is inspired by some of the most beautiful gardens dating back to the Renaissance period, such as Gaillon Castle. The geometrical shapes, a well-defined central axis and the search for symmetry show how the latter is important in these gardens. Modern plant varieties were chosen so that the garden would be a contemporary reinterpretation of a Renaissance garden. Boxwood cones are set in the angles of the square planters, and enclosed by cordoned apple and pear trees, while some wild looking graminaceous and hardy plants are reseeded at the centre. The choice of plants favours fauna and flora biodiversity, without pesticides.

Martainville castle’s rediscovered garden was inaugurated on September 20, 2014, and godfathered by Didier Decoin, an author and script writer, also Secretary-General of the Académie Goncourt.

Guided tours of the garden with a speaker and entertainments are available, and also specified on the scheduler.

Since 2012, a gorgeous Renaissance garden has supplemented the architectural ensemble.