The Museum

The Museum of Traditions and Arts of Normandy was founded in 1961 by the General Council of the Department of Seine-Maritime. Its installation was originally put into Daniel Lavallée’s hands (1925-1989), a German teacher who was famous for supporting the protection of the timber-framed houses in Rouen. The gathering of a vast amount of furniture, clothes, ceramic, glaziery and everyday objects that seem to date back to between the 15th-century and the 19th-century Normandy, allowed gathering an exceptional collection recounting the history of the local popular arts and traditions. Over the years, the museum developed its collections thanks to some generous gifts, notably in the textile sector with the big donation of some fine illustrated handkerchiefs belonging to the Buquet family. Today, fifteen thousand artefacts are permanently or temporarily exhibited in the museum and the outbuildings.

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The Castle of Martainville organize a lot of events all along the season

  • 09

    Apr 21

  • Madame rêve en Bovary

    9 April / 0 h 00 min - 14 November / 0 h 00 min

    Madame Bovary, publié en 1856, est inspiré par un fait divers survenu dans un village à huit lieues de Rouen. Cette