GUIDED TOURS WITH A SPEAKER (45 min to 1 hour)

Life in the castle

Thanks to the internal organization of the preserved rooms and to the numerous pieces of furniture exhibited, the pupils will be able to imagine how the lords lived in their castle, between the Middle Ages and the Renaissance.

Old cuisine and food

The kitchen, the dairy and every object utilized to make, preserve and eat food, notably in the 19th Century.

Life in the castle in the late Middle Ages

The castle’s rooms are still organized the same way and some pieces of furniture date back to the Middle Ages, which allows the pupils to imagine how people lived in such a building and to understand why the fireplaces, some narrow windows, etc. were installed.

Life in Normandy in the 19th Century

The collections allow discovering some typical rural homes of the Seine-Maritime countries (the Caux country, the Bray country, the coastline, etc.). Thus, the habits and traditions exhibited here allow perceiving life in the old times.

From the stronghold to the mansion

What clues show us that the castle was originally conceived as a building to defend? On the opposite, what elements were solely conceived for the pleasure of the eyes and comfortable life? This is what the pupils will see during their visit, outside and inside the castle, to make them learn how to identify the traces of the past and vestiges that are still visible.

Life in Normandy in the 19th Century, after Gustave Flaubert and Guy de Maupassant

The tour allows comparing G. Flaubert’s and G. de Maupassant’s writings about the 19th-century daily life in Normandy with the museum’s collections.


Reception of the groups for autonomous tours (some audio-guides are at your disposal) or guided visits, with a speaker, of the permanent or temporary collections.

Guided tours in French, English, German and Italian.


-Visits commented for the groups of less than 15 people: 35€

– Visit of a duration of 1 hour (groups from 15 to 30 people): 65 € besides the entrance fee

– Commented gone deeper into visit (2 hours): 90 € besides the entrance fee

– Visit commented in foreign language or visits Sunday or holidays: 8€ supplement

– Visit commented in exceptional schedules (except(off) opening hours of the museum), 18€ supplement

– Straight ahead in the word: authorization of visit commented, livened up(led) by a speaker outside the departmental museums: 15€ supplement

Entertainment bookings are mandatory by phone or by e-mail :

Phone number: (0033) 235 156 911 (Mondays to Fridays only).