“When the child appears” / “Lorsque l’enfant paraît”

Until February 24th, 2019

With this exhibition, the Museum of Traditions and Norman Arts traces the condition of the child in Normandy between 1800 and 1960. From birth to primary school certificate, the little Norman grows up over the rites of religious and civil transition, in a society that now recognizes the individuality of the child, and his privileged place within the family.

“Ornaments” / “Parures”

Until May 19th, 2019

The exhibition proposes a look crossed between the collections of headgears, and more exactly cauchois hats, the museum and the artistic vision of the photographer Christine Mathieu, which photographed during several months the Norman headgears belonging to the Museum of the Traditions and Norman Arts, to the Museum of Normandy, to the Museum of Art and Granville’s History and to the Museum of the lace of Alençon.